A Message From Joe…

Welcome to the official Joe V. for Judge online campaign center!  Please take a moment to look things over and learn a little more about me, my qualifications and why I am the best candidate to be your next Superior Court 4 Judge.

One of the first questions people ask is “why are you running?”  To answer that question it is important to understand the uniqueness of this particular race.  In the typical primary election you have a challenger who talks about reform and improvement over the incumbent, while the incumbent emphasizes the successes and positive outcomes during that term.  Here in Johnson County we have a different situation.  Superior Court 4 is a newly created court, designed to help ease the burden of our already overworked judiciary, and you will decide who shall be the first elected Judge.  I believe we already have a fine set of judges here in Johnson County; and I hope your vote will add me to that distinguished list.

I want to be your next Superior Court 4 Judge because I have reached a point in my professional career where I now (personally) feel qualified to serve our community in the capacity of Judge.  As a trial lawyer for more than a decade, I have the professional experience you deserve in your next judge.  As Chief Deputy at the Johnson County Prosecutor’s Office for the past four years I have been responsible for a full range of administrative duties, on top of the full felony case load I carry in court.  Managing all these aspects of the job requires someone with strong organizational and time management skills, as well as the ability to effectively deal with many different types of people. Those same legal and people skills will enable me to run an efficient courtroom where all sides are treated fairly and equally.

Most of all I am running because you as a citizen as well as the members of our legal community deserve predictability in a judge.  No one wants to have to go to court; it’s stressful and can get very expensive.  Whether it is a civil or a criminal case, there is a lot at stake and emotions run high on all sides.  For many people this is “their day in court.”  The one thing you can count on, and attorneys can advise their clients on, is that you are in front of a man of integrity who will give you an equal opportunity and follow the law in making his decisions.

Thanks again for taking the time to consider me as your next Superior Court 4 Judge.  After you read through everything feel free to give me a call or send me a message if you have any questions, as I would be happy to chat with you about any aspect of my campaign. You can also check back to see what we’ve done, upcoming events where you can meet me.  I hope that you will be another person in the growing number of those who have decided that in May 2014 they are going to “Go with Joe.”